Why Choose Roger

Roger Hamilton will map out options for your financial journey!

When you’re looking for personal retirement investments and insurance for your life, your health or that of your family in Nova Scotia, Roger Hamilton will map out options for your financial journey for today and tomorrow.

Maybe you’re concerned about the growth of your current investments. Will you have enough money to maintain or improve your financial situation in retirement when your income might be less. Are you worried about outliving your money? Do you have investment concerns? Stock market worries? Poor returns at the bank? Should you leave your money in or take it out?

Maybe you’ve always planned to start investing, but distractions prevented you from taking that first step. You understand that financial planning is important and you’re ready to invest now, but the options are confusing. Should you invest in RSP’s or tax-free investments? What insurance coverage should you have, term or whole life? What happens to your money if you have the living benefits critical illness insurance but never need to use it? How much should you invest in this or that?

Maybe you decided to do nothing at all, hoping things will work out somehow, but all you see is that you are growing older faster than your money is growing. There’s a better way.

Planning On Retirement

Roger will show you how planning for a happy retirement is like planning a flight to your future financial destination. You choose where you want to go, and when you want to arrive. Roger guides you through a well mapped out plan. Your plan allows stops along the way, if you wish. When you stay on track with the right plan, your hard work and money will get you to your financial destination.

Most people share similar goals, but every financial plan is customized to your individual needs, income, risk tolerance, and time line. Your plan is whatever works best for you. It’s easily adjusted as your goals, needs, time line, or income change-just as your life changes.

As the captain of your financial crew, Roger maps out your route, tracks your investments, and keeps you informed on the journey, so you can land in the destination of your choice, following your personal time line.

“I would like to welcome you and your family on board! We’ll start wherever you are in your timeline of life. Let’s plan your financial destination together today. There is no refund on lost time.”

– Roger Hamilton

If these are some of your questions or concerns, contact Roger for a free, 30-minute strategy session, so that you can book a more secure financial destination.

Call Roger at (902) 499-5879

Endorsements for Roger Hamilton

Lisa A

I had trusted my investments with banks, just as my parents had done for years. Each year when I received my statement with this high net worth bank division, it was full of high fees and low returns. I heard Roger ( Mr. Hamilton) on the radio, in 2018, and his message struck a chord with me.

This is someone I would want to look after my account. Best move ever. Now my returns are high, advisor fees are gone. My new portfolio of the combination of Seg funds and private equity has provided me greatly enhanced income and growth. Roger has personally and professionally managed my investments. He’s easy to reach, keeps me updated, and through his professional circle has referred other financial specialists to me for all of my needs.

My investment management fees have been greatly reduced and my returns substantially increased. I definitely recommend Roger and would be happy to discuss with anyone considering having Roger as their investment advisor.

Shelley Dowe

(Owner of Gentle Giant Movers and Delivery Services)

We have known Roger for a number of years.He definitely has a special passion for what he does.He has a way of explaining everything so well and so very detailed so that you know just what is going on. Roger has grown our investments and we are very happy with the results.

We actually have the family plan! Some of our other family members and friends also have investments with Roger and they are also very happy. He is efficient, detailed, experienced, friendly and has a great sense of humor. All around great and trustworthy guy!


In the summer of 2017, I was dead heading (pilot sitting in the back) from New York to Toronto. As a pilot I do this a lot and usually just read my book. I said my hellos to the two passengers in my row and one turned out to be Roger. If you know Roger at all, you know he is very good at talking. We quickly bonded over our love hockey , I of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Roger with Tampa Bay Lightning. Despite that friendly difference, we agreed on our another topic, investments and retirement.

I learned that Roger was a financial advisor. This really piqued my interest because at that time I had all my investments with a major Canadian bank and I felt they had become stale. I was disappointed with the minimal returns. Roger and I kept in touch, and a few months later I decided to move part of my portfolio, to compare. Two years later, seeing much better returns with the funds I had moved to Roger, the decision was easy for me to move the rest.

The combo of Fidelity growth funds and private equity, had reached higher altitudes and speeds than what I had before. Roger is easy to talk to and has considerable insight for investments. I am thrilled with my portfolio growth and would recommend his expertise to anyone who wants a friendlier and more profitable way to invest.

Best regards,

T Higgins

I, along with my family have known Roger for many years. Along with being a person I trust, Roger is a fine speaker and graciously gave a heartwarming eulogy at my father’s funeral a few years back. After years of complacent returns at my bank, hoping things might change, I decided it was time to have someone pay attention to the growth and wellbeing of my investments before it was too late. Best move ever.

During the past few years, under Roger’s guidance, my investments have finally started to grow. He has risen both my returns and investment knowledge level that I did not have before. Always reachable, I have booked him for other speaking arrangements to share his knowledge. I would highly recommend him. I wish I had done so, sooner.

Paul Irene and Family

We have been dealing with Roger Hamilton for a number of years as a family unit. The key is start investing while you are young. Our three children are investing  with Roger as well.  We find Roger to be the most flexible advisor and we are very happy with our returns. The banks were not doing much for us, our new family advisor,  Roger,  certainly does.

L.Hambleton-Raleigh NC

As a Canadian expat living in North Carolina for the past 27 years, Ive enjoyed listening to Seaside Fm and frequently tuned in to Roger’s financial shows. My Canadian bank investments had under-performed for years, and I felt confident to entrust them with Roger.

In 2019 I emailed Roger ,he responded the very same day. After laying out an investment plan for me, I transferred those funds,and have seen better results in the last two years than I had ever had before. Even though we are miles and a country apart, and while the amount isn’t large, I really do appreciate how my investment has been conscientiously handled. Listening to Roger on Seaside and taking action has certainly enhanced my retirement income.

Ken and Janice S

Feeling like  the banks were not working in our best interest  with years of neglect and poor performance ,  and after  listening to Roger’s radio spots  we decided to meet  in early 2020.

Roger reviewed our past performance,    discussed our goals, and set a plan in motion,  stressing multiple 5 year plans,   and where our investments could improve, something the banks never did for us. Now, over a year later,  our gains have been better than the previous five.. we are very happy dealing with Roger, and truly believe we made the right choice contacting him.


Roger has been my first and only financial advisor.   I went with Roger because he looks after my money the same that he looks after his own. And that is someone I can trust with my money.

Tammy Fulmore

I moved my investments to Roger Hamilton in the summer of 2020, after I was widowed  Although I was a new client, I had known Roger for many years, as he and my husband had previously worked together.

Roger certainly made everything easy, with his detailed explanation of every step of the process, and the paperwork was simple. I am more than thrilled with the investments that we chose together, and the returns have been phenomenal thus far. It’s comforting to know that we hold many of the same funds in our portfolios and that he is always watching, which wasn’t happening at the bank, where I was previously invested. I would highly recommend Roger for all your investment needs.

Brian Alward

Don’t waste your time with the banks. Give Roger a call. He will direct your monies to the right investments…the best move we ever made with our investments. Give Roger and Assumption a go. You will not be disappointed.

Rodney Spence, Software Contractor

I have placed my money in the hands of the big banks. I always got the feeling that because I wasn’t investing a millions of dollars they were doing me a favor to let me invest my money with them. Now, with Roger, he is always attentive and personable.

He will make a phone call if he sees there is something that is concerning or something that is good. He always sends out regular e-mails about your investments a real personal touch. I’ve never been happier with my financial investments and never felt safer about those investments.

Michael Cheney, Founder of Entrepreneurs’ Advice Bureau and Financial Advisors Marketing Group

Roger always demonstrates the highest level of professionalism, customer service and knowledge and he always puts his clients first.
He’s such a great guy and always puts you at ease with his sense of humor!

What I like best about Roger is the way he explains complex ideas with simple down to earth analogies that mean his clients understand every aspect and as a result then enjoy and invest even more. Roger will always take care of you and you’ll have lots of fun in the process too.

Tanya O’Quinn, Independent Consultant at Scentsy, Inc.

Roger is a close friend who has worked in finance for over 25 years. He has helped countless people grow their investments…including myself! Let him help your money grow too!!

Carl Victor, Sales Manager, Financial Services at Assumption Life

Roger is unique in the sea of financial advisors with regard to the particular attention he pays to portfolio management. He watches over his client’s money like a hawk. He draws on his research, the news, his conversations with market specialists, and his own personal experiences to create a very unique service model for his clients. I don’t know when the man finds time to sleep.

Denise Zinck, Supervisor at Government of Nova Scotia

I have known Roger for several years and have always been impressed by his dedication to client service. His financial knowledge is exceptional as is his ability to listen as well as he can speak.

That which sets him apart however is is integrity, passion for sharing his expertise and genuine respect for his clients. Having him work with and for you is informative, lucrative and always entertaining.