Successful investing has a strategy.

We help you build a prosperous portfolio through our fine selection of Segregated Funds. Segregated Funds offer certain advantages not available through mutual funds.  Over the years we have expanded  our list of quality investment options to provide the client with a well diversified portfolio designed to suit each individual.

Everyone needs a plan to reach a goal. Investment options to consider include: Tax Free Accounts, RSP’s, registered and non-registered accounts, money market, foreign equity, balanced or fixed income, LIRA and pension plans. ​Your strategy should allow you to gain every point you deserve and make your flight as productive as possible for you.

Successful Investment Strategies Are Monitored Regularly

Does your advisor contact you at least twice a year? Do you stay in the same funds forever? Is there an optimal time to switch, take profits, or cut losses?

Roger contacts his clients frequently to keep them informed. All clients, who wish to follow their investments more closely also have easy access to their account online. You can monitor your investments anytime. It’s just like checking the tracker during a flight.

Roger monitors your investments, and he advises you about when to buy, when to hold, and when to fold. Let Roger and his crew help you map your course.

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