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Living Benefits Critical Illness Program

Do you remember the Apollo 11 moon landing? It doesn’t seem that long ago.

What about Paul Henderson’s iconic goal in the Summit Series of ’72, or the ’76 Montreal Olympics, just a year before Elvis died? Do you have a box of LPs stashed away somewhere with Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, The Eagles’ Hotel California, Peter Frampton Live, or Saturday Night Fever? If your answer is yes, this financial tip is for you!

Time passes in the blink of an eye. You look back to your graduating class and think back to important events. Some of your classmates have moved away and lost touch. Others are having grandchildren now. And, a few may have serious health issues. Time will continue to fly, and based on our most recent information, one of three things will happen to each of us by age 75.

In a group of 20, five people will suffer a critical illness by 75, and four people will pass on before then, but most of us will be healthy and live well into retirement beyond 75. You can prepare for any of these possibilities with the simple and secure Living Benefits Critical Illness Program.

Scenario #1: 25% of Canadians will suffer a critical illness by age 75. Everyone thinks this is something that happens to the other guy, but to someone else you are the other guy. It pays to be ready in case you’re diagnosed with one of the 12 critical illnesses by age 75, including: cancer, a major organ transplant, kidney failure, stroke, heart attack, by-pass surgery, blindness, deafness, and severe burns.

Our hope is that doctors will catch it, fix it, and you’ll recover and live on well for many more years. Through stats collected by the Heart and Stroke Foundation and National Cancer Institute of Canada, we know that more than 80% of patients hospitalized for a cardiac illness do survive. 95% of patients hospitalized for cardiac illness survive their first heart attack. 75% of victims survive their first stroke, and 75% of men and 77% of women who develop cancer survive.

The Living Benefits Critical Illness plan pays out up to $100,000 in a tax-free, lump-sum amount to help cover your medical costs or lost income as you recover. And you keep any left over funds to invest, save, or simply start living again.

Scenario #2: 20% of Canadians won’t live to age 75. If that happens, every dollar that you’ve paid in to your Living Benefits Critical Illness plan goes toward a death benefit payout. It can cover funeral costs and provide support to your family, along with any other insurance plans you have.

Scenario #3: The good news is most of us are still healthy at 75, and 55% of us will live on happily with no major illness. Did your grandparents keep money in the cookie jar? If you’re healthy, and you don’t make a claim by age 75, the Living Benefit Critical Illness plan is your cookie jar—pure savings! That means, every dollar you have paid in is returned to you, guaranteed. There’s no interest, no tax, no up-market, no down-market. You get a 100% payout to add to your other retirement investments or pensions.

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