About Roger

Why invest in Roger?

Roger Hamilton

As your captain on your secure financial flight, Roger Hamilton’s role is to help you plan your destination and keep it on track with support from my team.

Prior to coming on board, clients he has spoken to were worried about their investment plan. If indeed they even had one. They were concerned about lack of growth or where they were headed. Some wondered if they would outlive their money.

For some, it seemed that although they had money invested, no one seemed to help them track it, make changes when necessary, coach them about what to do in both good and turbulent markets.

Experience and Knowledge

Roger’s experience and knowledge has helped many clients realize their destination, ensured a smooth flight and a secure landing.

Roger would like to welcome you on board too! Let’s plan your financial destination together. Don’t hesitate – for there is no refund on lost time.

Seaside FM Presents “Roger’s Journey So Far”

Take a listen to Roger’s Journey Through the years that includes his deep dive into the movie industry and the occasional brush with Clint Eastwood and his management team.